Skilled Care Services

As individuals recover and rehabilitate after injury or illness, our home health services are a perfect match to aide in recovery. The Friman team of professionals can deliver a wide range of home health services including skilled nursing services, physical and occupational therapies, speech, medical social workers, and home health aides.

Skilled Nursing

Under the guidance of an approved plan of care, we will send a registered nurse (RN) that is licensed and skilled to assist you and your physician with planning, coordinating and implementing individualized home care programs such as wound care, respiratory and cardiac care, diabetic management, medication teaching, I.V. therapy, and psychiatric assessment.

Physical Therapy

The physical therapist provides restorative techniques to improve their strength, ability, and coordination. Their goal is for you to achieve the most optimal level of pain relief and functional ability. The physical therapist can help you relearn a motion or movement, regain use of a limb or appendage, or regain strength and endurance after an injury, accident or onset of a new medical condition. The therapist develops a regimen based on your individual medical needs. The goal of treatment is to facilitate a return to independence.

Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapist will show you and your family how to restore, improve or develop daily activities affected by your illness or injury.

Speech Language Pathology

The speech language pathologist can assist you in recovering common skills or show you how to adapt to skills which cannot be completely recovered. With specialized training in evaluating motor-speech skills, ability to swallow, speaking and comprehending language, memory, concentration, attention span, hearing, writing, and reading, the speech therapists provides instruction and implements training of the skills necessary to aide in your recovery.

Medical Social Services

The social worker can provide assistance with community resources, short and long term therapy, as well as counseling to help you adjust to your medical condition. Our workers help you identify long-term planning, community resources to accommodate your needs, and assist in recognizing factors that may impede recovery by introducing coping mechanisms and rehabilitation strategies.

Home Health Aides

Aide services provide a caring touch to help you with your daily activities such as bathing and grooming. Our aides have been selected carefully and are experienced in caring for others. Home Health Aides may assist in bathing, grooming, dressing/undressing, skin care, hair care, oral care, meal preparation, feeding, helping a patient walk, and light housekeeping services are provided.